M/D Indigo Soap “Chisou” 【藍石鹸】
M/D Indigo Soap “Chisou” 【藍石鹸】
M/D Indigo Soap “Chisou” 【藍石鹸】
M/D Indigo Soap “Chisou” 【藍石鹸】
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, M/D Indigo Soap “Chisou” 【藍石鹸】
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, M/D Indigo Soap “Chisou” 【藍石鹸】
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, M/D Indigo Soap “Chisou” 【藍石鹸】
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, M/D Indigo Soap “Chisou” 【藍石鹸】

M/D Indigo Soap “Chisou” 【藍石鹸】

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 For troubled skin, oily skin (face and whole body)

This is organic, additive-free indigo soap, made by hand, one by one, in Portland, OR.

It  is additive-free soap containing natural indigo extract. It is mild and gentle for washing even dry, damaged, or troubled skin.

Removes dirt while gently cleaning. After washing, you will feel a moist feeling with a smooth feel as if you applied lotion.

Since no chemical synthetic additives are used, it can be used by babies and the elderly i.e., regardless of gender or age.

No synthetic surfactants or petroleum-derived materials are used. No chemical synthetic preservatives, antioxidants, metal blockers, pigments or artificial fragrances are used.

  • Because they are handmade, there are limits on how many can be made in one batch.
  • Production for each batch takes about two months. 


Raw materials / ingredients
Olive oil, water, coconut oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxid, lavender oil,Cedarwood oil, peppermint oil, frankincense oil,


<What is the cold press manufacturing method? >
In the cold press manufacturing method, the fat and oil components are used as they are, and sodium hydroxide (lye) is reacted to make a soap base. When the soap base is completed, it is made by pouring it into a frame and slowly hardening it in addition to beauty ingredients such as oil and extracts. Since it is made by using the fat and oil components as they are, it is an additive-free soap that contains plenty of glycerin, which is a moisturizing component that is produced during production.

Most of the soaps sold at drug stores are generally made by the neutralization method, unlike the cold press method. The neutralization method is inexpensive because it can make large quantities in a short time. In the neutralization method, the fat and oil components are separated into fatty acids and glycerin, then the fatty acids and sodium are combined. After that, various preservatives, metal blockers, antioxidants, foaming agents, pigments, fragrances, etc. are added to complete the soap.

Regular size: 80g Tester size: 10g