Soap-Making Class | 石鹸作り教室


■ Organic Soap Making Class: This is a course where you can learn how to make the ultimate handmade soap, in which all the oils and fats of the ingredients are made organically. From how to choose tools, to how to make it carefully. In online class or actual in-person studio class. The ultimate goal is to be able to make the soap that suits your skin. We will enjoy learning about the cold process manufacturing method that can bring out nearly 100% of the power of raw materials.



A. Online class ・ ・ ・ 6 sessions of 60-90 minutes. $45/session or $250 for all sessions. (Up to 3 people at a time)

B. Studio class ・ ・ ・ 6 sessions of 60-90 minutes. $70/session or $400 for all sessions. (Up to 2 people at a time) * Tool rental and material costs included.


■ M Membership: One-time fee of $100. You can join at any time. There is no annual fee.

Benefits: Members can purchase M / D soap at a member price of 30% off. You can take the course at 30% off.


Made with organically grown oils that have the power of the blessings of nature to condition the skin and the excellent effect of a soothing scent. Would you like to make it together?

You can enjoy making soap as if you were making sweets.

We will carefully teach you how to prepare tools so that even beginners can understand the cold process manufacturing method that can draw out the power of excellent raw materials to nearly 100%.

It does not use any chemicals such as synthetic surfactants, preservatives and artificial fragrances, so it is recommended for both babies and people with sensitive skin.

It is soap that can be used not only for face washing but also for the whole body, hair and scalp. Handmade soap that improves the condition of your skin the more you use it. This will be a dreamy time for making soap in your kitchen.


<Flow and course content>

・ ・ ・ Leading up to the course

A. Online class: I will send you a video of the tools needed to make soap, so please arrange it yourself. (Once you have them, you will be able to make soap in your own kitchen.) Once you have all the tools, please let me know your desired schedule by email.

B. Studio class: All tools will be lent. If you would like to arrange your own tools, i will send you an explanation video beforehand. Please contact me by email with your desired dates.

・ ・ ・ Course content

① Olive oil soap

② Marseille soap

③ Luxury soap

④ Herbal soap

⑤ Milk soap

⑥ Your favorite soap

From the 7th time onwards

Please request seasonal plant soaps or your favorite soap for your skin. Let’s make soap recipes and your favorite soap every time.






A. オンラインクラス・・・全6回 60〜90分:45ドル/回 全回一括250ドル


B. スタジオクラス・・・全6回 60〜90分:70ドル/回 全回一括400ドル



■M会員:入会金 100ドル。入会はいつでも可能です。年間費はありません。











A. オンラインクラス・・・石鹸作りに必要な道具の動画をお送りしますので、ご自分で揃えてください。(1度揃えると、ご自分のお家のキッチンで作れる様になります)道具が揃いましたら、ご希望の日程をメールにてご連絡ください。

B. スタジオクラス・・・道具は全てお貸出しします。ご自分で道具を揃えたいと言う方は、動画をお送りします。ご希望の日程をメールにてご連絡ください。