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Nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting this site!

My name is Mayumi and I’m the maker of M / D soap.

A little introduction of myself ...



Artist, businessperson.

Born in Tokyo (Shinjuku Ward), Japan, moved to Portland, Oregon, USA from December 2019 (just before Coronavirus). Married. I have a son who is 5 years old. (Richmond Elementary School from September). My husband is an Aikido practitioner.

After graduating from Kogakuin University of Architecture, started a company in 2000 and currently run my third company, LAMAHINA LLC.

Pursues breathwork, making things, and consulting.

Designer of leather brand "MAYUMI HASEGAWA", started in 2000 and now director of “ACAMAL”, a leather brand that cherishes traditional Japanese techniques. http://acamal.com/ 

Regarding leather, we are particular about everything from tanning to dyeing, processing, and design. Currently, I hold exhibitions online about twice a year.

Have been learning about lacquer and indigo dyeing from craftsmen in Japan since 2010 until 2020 at the respective manufacturing sites (workshops).  

In addition, I have been holding the Mayumido Breathing Class since 2017, putting the balance of food, mind, and body first. https://mayumido.wordpress.com/

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